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The original Unofficial Cinematronics Page by Zonn Moore.  This page contains a Cinematronics Emulator, Assembler, and general technical information.

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This site has a nice history on the origins of Space War dating back to its implementation on the PDP-1.


Now selling NOS Cinematronics High Voltage Units and lots of other great artwork and parts.


I am no longer selling these so if you need a new LF13331 for your Cinematronics or Vectorbeam monitor, this is your site.


Tom McClintock has some great Cinematronics information, pictures, scans, and the Cinematronics Monitor FAQ on his site.

 Game Stencils

Ok, not a lot of Cinematronics stuff but a great place to get lots of good artwork.


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Bombjack.org - Links to manuals and much more.  

David Hayne’s Site