As pieced together by Bill Paul, Dan Sunday, Tim Skelly, & Charles Williams

The history of Cinematronics has been documented and retold by several people.  As my interests primarily lie in the “vector era” of the company, I have decided to include the company’s history as seen through the eyes of three former employees from that time period.  Of course the company did produce games before and after, most notably laserdisc based arcades such as Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace.


Before getting on to the history via former employee recollections, make sure to visit Zonn Moore’s site.  It contains a nice write up by Bill Paul of the company’s general history.  It needs a touch of updating (ok, not one to talk) but it is most definitely worth the read.  


Dan Sunday was the first former employee to publicly discuss his involvement with the company.  Dan’s history was somewhat brief and he principally worked with Larry Rosenthal at Vectorbeam.  




Tim Skelly of Rip Off, Reactor (Gottlieb), etc. fame later provided a different version of events at both companies.  This is often the version most people see and seems to be the most comprehensive, thus, I added several contemporary pictures  to the story.




After updating these pages a bit in 2008, I was contacted by Charles Williams, another former employee.  Charles had read Tim’s history and  added to it.  CHARLES, PLEASE EMAIL ME.  THE ADDRESS I HAD FOR YOU IS NO LONGER VALID.  THANK YOU



I think having the views and memories of three former associates, all from different areas, adds to the overall picture of what was Cinematronics.  


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